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One of AgrichemBio´s priorities is to provide safe and effective products that are registered for specific uses and do not present any risk to the applicator, the consumer or the environment. We have spent years working and investing to register the best biopesticide products in our country, being proud to have one of the largest registered biopesticide portfolios in Spain, with more than 16 registered products and many others in the pipeline. This has been possible thanks to our exclusive registration department with experienced staff located in our offices in Madrid.

GEP Trials

As part of the registration process numerous officially recognised efficacy trials are conducted in order to evaluate the products under different growing conditions and to compare them to reference products. AgrichemBio is GEP accredited since 1998 and has a network of experienced technicians distributed throughout the Iberian geography, enabling us to carry out GEP efficacy trials in the main agricultural areas and for virtually all crops and pathogens.

Development and commercial trials

Through the network of technical salesmen and with the support of R&D technicians, AgrichemBio carries out many trials each season in order to demonstrate to the growers how to optimise the use of our products under their particular growing conditions. This contributes to fine-tune the recommendations for each product, taking into account pathogenic pressure, weather conditions and crop types. At the same time, it increases the knowledge on how to integrate the use of AgrichemBio products such as cultural, biological and chemical control methods. This type of trials is an ongoing and steady process aimed at fulfilling customer requirements as well as the changing needs of modern agriculture.

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