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Suitable for Organic Farming according to regulations 834/2007

N: 2,5%, P2O5: 2,2%, K2O: 2,6%, CaO: 12,0%, MgO: 1,5%, SO3: 1,5%, Fe: 1-1,2 %.
Organic matter: 45%.
Humic extract: 22-25%.
Humic acids: 17-20%.
Fulvic acids: 5-7%, C/N Ratio: 11.


Organic living compost from purely vegetable origin, particularly selected for a balanced nutrient supply and the improvement of soil fertility. As a result of a state of the art controlled composting process, Kompochem preserves all the naturally occurring beneficial microoganims of a properly produced compost. Suitable as a quality soil conditioner and amendment for all type of crops.

Dosis y cultivos

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